Assessment & Review Of Information

The first step to treatment is having an assessment. If you have already had an assessment your provider can send us the information, via fax, at any time.

substance abuse assessment for teens

What is a Drug Abuse Assessment?

A drug abuse assessment includes a review of behavioral, emotional and substance use history. Our assessments include an independent interview with your teen and an independent discussion with a parent or guardian. The overall point of an assessment is to identify any high-risk areas and the potential need for clinical service. Our assessments follow the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria to ensure that clients are receiving a comprehensive and thorough assessment. We use the Rule 25 format which is compatible with most insurance plans and state funding requirements.

Since addiction and substance abuse impacts many areas of a person’s life (especially a teen’s) we assess the following areas: substance abuse, family and social relationships/ obligations, behavioral/ emotional health, withdrawal or medical complications, motivation and risk for future relapse. Our assessors will also gather data from outside persons, with permission, to make sure we are gathering an accurate and objective picture. Last, we also ask that our clients, who come in for an assessment, also provide a drug screen – which is done on-site.
At the end of our assessments, we provide a recommendation based on the information that has been provided. Depending on how quickly we receive any additional information from a referral source or any other involved persons we can have recommendations made within a few days or even at the time of the assessment. It is our goal to provide a recommendation as quickly as possible to ensure that you are getting the services you need.

Drug and Alcohol Admissions

All clients will need to complete or have a current assessment (within 30 days) prior to starting one of our programs. This can be completed at one of our facilities (Blaine, Plymouth, Burnsville & Woodbury) or by another provider. This assessment will need to be reviewed by a counselor at On-Belay House/Anthony Louis Center prior to admission to ensure that your son or daughter is a fit for our services.

If you are looking to get into residential treatment it is important that your teen has a completed assessment and physical exam prior to admission (within 30 days), along with current & filled prescriptions.

Our programs offer assessments by appointment Monday through Friday. Please plan approximately 1.5 hours for the full evaluation. Our assessments use the Rule 25 format and work with most insurance plans and counties. Assessments are provided at Blaine, Woodbury, Plymouth, and Burnsville.