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How Does Vaping Affect Teenage Health?

In early 2019, the National Institutes of Health reported a dramatic rise in e-cigarette use among teens. In a survey of 44,000 eighth, ninth, and 12th graders conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 37% of high school seniors stated they had used a vape at least once in 2018 compared with just […]

What is Robotripping?

The recreational use of cough syrup containing dextromethorphan to produce a euphoric high is often called robotripping. Teens who experiment with the so-called DXM often experience hallucinations and a sense of flying, usually compared to an LSD trip. However, taking too much cough syrup with this active ingredient can cause a life-threatening medical emergency. […]

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Synthetic Cannabinoids: The Use of Synthetic Drugs like K2 and Spice by Teens

As marijuana becomes legal in more states, there is not only a rise in its use but also in pot alternatives, such as synthetic cannabinoids. The contents of these drugs are not regulated, nor is the potency consistent. In 2018, more than 70 people overdosed on K2 in New Haven Connecticut in one day, […]

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Creating a Relapse Prevention Plan to Help Teens

People of all ages succumb to drug addiction, including teenagers. Before teens are released from their recovery programs, it is important for parents to develop a relapse prevention plan. Relapse refers to how someone will resort back to drugs after. Eighty-five percent of people who seek treatment will relapse within the first year. Parents […]

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Facts & Statistics About Teen Drug Abuse in High School

Teenagers are using drugs at an alarming rate. The four years in high school are a critical time in a teen’s development. To ensure your child’s future potential and success in life, it’s important to help your teen stay away from drugs and alcohol. But is it really that important? Any parents who think […]

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Questions from Teens About Drug Addiction

As a nationwide epidemic, opioid addiction affects those of all ages, including adolescents. Not only is teen opioid abuse increasing, but many individuals in this age group also cope with the effects of drug or alcohol abuse by a loved one. According to Yale University research reported by WebMD, opioid overdose deaths among children […]

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Signs of Heroin Abuse by Teens

One of the most dangerous narcotics used throughout North America is heroin. It is often smoked or snorted, which makes it a popular drug of choice for many people. Since it does not have to be injected, many users do not associate it with the same stigmas as other drugs. In 2016, it was […]

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    Top Tips on How Effectively Talk About Drugs and Alcohol With Kids

Top Tips on How Effectively Talk About Drugs and Alcohol With Kids

Drugs and alcohol can be a sensitive subject to talk about with another adult, and terrifying to bring up with kids. In part, this may be because there have been incidents of addiction or substance abuse among family members. Talking about alcohol and drugs with kids can provide them with correct information, helping them […]

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How Does Drug Use Affect Your High School Grades?

Teen drug use isn’t just something seen in after-school specials. Many teenagers will use alcohol or drugs before they graduate high school, whether that be due to peer pressure or for the use of study aids. An estimated 68 percent of students try alcohol by their senior year, more than 35 percent have used […]

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How Can the U.S. End Its Opioid Epidemic?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 72,000 people died of drug overdoses in 2017; a very substantial increase in statistics. With the rising number of overdoses, the most substantial increase occurs in the number of overdoses involving opioids. Opioids are common for treating acute pain and include such medications as […]

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