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My Teen’s A Digital Native, And I’m Not!

How can I keep tabs on my teen in a digital world?¬†Fear no more- I have some helpful information! Recently, I attended a seminar that discussed the difference between digital natives and digital immigrants. I had never heard this before, but found it pretty interesting and figured it might be of interest to parents […]

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    Falling Down: Teen Addiction Can Start During Back To School

Falling Down: Teen Addiction Can Start During Back To School

Fall is the best time of year, (aside from summer), in my opinion. Leaves change colors and the air is a little chillier. Pumpkin carving, Halloween, jumping in piles of leaves, bonfires and apple orchards are all part of the fun! But this is also a concerning time of year for teens. Everyone gets […]

Whats With The Dish?

So, starting where I should have…. the blog name. What’s up with that? Why name it “hot dish?” Well for those of you who know MN, we LOVE hot dish. In my family, we called it casserole, but the rest of my co-workers demanded that it be called hot dish because that is what […]

This is Your Teens Brain on Drugs

Partnership of Drug-Free America, in 1987 coined that phrase and threw an egg in a pan, cooked it up and I thought about breakfast. I knew at that time that drugs were “bad”, but I didn’t know really how bad they were, I was too young to really grasp the concept. Although some people […]

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Parenting a Teen with Substance Use: Am I crazy?

Parenting an adolescent with an addiction or substance use problem can evoke fear, anger and hopelessness. Sometimes people begin to think that things will never get better with their teen’s behavior. It is common to be overwhelmed (under statement) when you are dealing with the stresses of parenting anyway, but when your son or […]

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