The Prescription Pills Most Commonly Abused by Teens

Drug use, including teen drug use, not only involves street drugs but also prescription pill abuse.

Teens often find it easier to look for pills at home or buy them from other teens who find them the same way. Prescription pill use in the United States has always been high, and overuse of powerful […]

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Should Students be Drug Tested at School?

The question of whether students should be drug tested at schools is a complicated one, which is likely to elicit a wide variety of responses.

There are different possibilities too, such as frequent blanket testing of every student, occasional random testing regardless of suspicion to act as a general deterrent, or have based specifically […]

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10 New Most Common Drugs

Each year, a handful of new drugs make their way onto the streets and into the hands of curious teenagers. The result is anything from mild interest to serious addiction – and even near-death experiences. Parents have a duty to stay ahead of trends with new street drugs and keep their children informed about the dangers of […]

Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs by Teens

The drug most commonly abused by teens is not a what, but a where – where it is found: right in the medicine cabinets of their own families. Teens do not need street drugs – heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana – if they can pull Oxycontin® and Vicodin® right off their grandmothers’ shelves.

We at […]

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Habits That Can Lead To Addiction

We all have things that make us feel good. It’s fine to participate in those activities, but when those habits turn to addiction, they begin to affect our lives as well as the lives of those who love us.

Healthy habits elevate our moods and create lasting enjoyment. Addiction does the opposite. While we feel […]

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How Being Creative Can Reduce Drug Relapse

During the initial phase of recovery from substance abuse, it’s common to feel like a person’s creativity is lessened because of the symptoms of withdrawal. This is a critical time for avoiding a relapse.

Some of the aspects of withdrawal include:

Feeling as though one’s brain is in a fog
Symptoms of depression

Inability to […]

How Cyberbullying Can Lead to Teen Drug Abuse


Bullying and substance abuse are often connected because emotional issues are at the root of most teen substance abuse. The widespread use of technology, such as cellphones and computers, has created a new type of bullying called “cyberbullying” which can be especially destructive to the self-esteem of the person being bullied.
What is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying refers to […]

Signs Of Addiction In Teens: Is It Time To Get Help?

As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to make sure your children remain happy and healthy. When a child begins to experiment with drugs and alcohol though, even if you only suspect an issue might be developing, it might be time to seek professional help.

As a parent, there are times […]

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Parental Influence On Child Development

At Anthony Louis Center, we know parenting is a tough job. Our parental influence on child development is deep and long lasting. This includes how children think about drug use. Research shows that when parents directly tell their children they don’t want them to do drugs, the kids are less likely to do drugs.

With drug […]

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Is Your Teen Self-Medicating???

I have noticed that the concept of “self-medicating” is becoming a popular way to view substance use and addiction. The term self medicating means that a person who is using, is doing so to manage a different underlying condition. I see and hear it referenced by patients, families, articles, and among professionals. This is a delicate […]