Why is Demerol Abuse Popular Among Teens?

Demerol is a brand name opiate painkiller available by prescription. It is often used by people suffering pain after accidents injury, or surgery. When family members receive a prescription, teens can usually get Demerol from the medicine cabinet without raising suspicion.

Like many painkillers, signs of Demerol use can be hidden at first. Teens struggling with pain, anxiety, or other undiagnosed issues might be drawn to the drug. Since Demerol side effects are not always easy to spot, abuse can be concealed through late night or weekend activity.

Minnesota has one of the lowest rates of opioid death in the United States, but the problem remains serious. Hundreds of deaths can be attributed to this class of drug in Minnesota each year. More than 400 such deaths were documented in 2016.

Common Street Names

Street names for Demerol include:

How is Demerol Abused?

Demerol is usually abused by swallowing or chewing the prescription pill. Demerol overdose symptoms can happen suddenly if the drug is combined with alcohol or other substances.
Overview of How the Drug is Abused


Demerol abuse is worsened by a powerful psychological dependence that can start from the first time someone is exposed to the drug. A Demerol high produces deep relaxation and drowsiness, so it is often sought by teens with untreated sleep disorders or mood problems.

Warning Signs

Demerol abuse symptoms include difficulty breathing, dry mouth, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, disorientation, and sweating. Intense mood swings can arise, including impulsiveness, agitation, irritability, or feelings of a deeply depressed mood.

Long-Term Effects and Dangers of Abuse

Demerol addiction might not be obvious to the teen at first. Signs of Demerol abuse often include behavioral problems, including risk-taking to secure more of the drug. Intense cravings often push teens to increase the dosage they take over time.

Teens often withdraw from their family, friends, and obligations as they abuse Demerol. Severe complications can happen, including extreme drowsiness, muscle weakness, difficulty walking or standing, shallow breathing, low heart rate, fainting, and coma.

If you suspect a Demerol overdose, call emergency help right away. Many people who suffer Demerol overdose will show characteristic pinpoint pupils, but this isn’t always the case. With immediate treatment, many overdose effects can be reversed.

Demerol Treatment in Minnesota: How Anthony Louis Center Helps Teens

Demerol abuse effects are dangerous, but any teen can overcome Demerol with the right help. That includes the best drug addiction healthcare, total emotional support, and the resources to build a future free of substance abuse. The Anthony Louis Center provides Minnesota teens with the compassionate care they need to leave drugs behind. To find out more, contact us.