Minnesota Addiction Hot[Dish]

The Minnesota Addiction Hot[Dish] is an informational blog meant to provide teens and families with information on addiction, recovery & current drug trends. Why name our blog the “Hot[Dish]”?  See here.

We hope our blog provides possible solutions to problems that teenagers and families face when dealing with addiction. Any supporting information or comments are welcome.

Female doctor questioning teen patient at office
Questions from Teens About Drug Addiction
As a nationwide epidemic, opioid addiction affects those of all ages, including adolescents. Not only is teen opioid abuse increasing,
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Symptoms of Heroin Use
Signs of Heroin Abuse
One of the most dangerous narcotics used throughout North America is heroin. It is often smoked or snorted, which makes
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Kids alcohol and drug abuse
Top Tips on How Effectively Talk About Drugs and Alcohol With Kids
Drugs and alcohol can be a sensitive subject to talk about with another adult, and terrifying to bring up with
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Drugs and Acohol affects on Grades
How Does Drug Use Affect Your High School Grades?
Teen drug use isn’t just something seen in after-school specials. Many teenagers will use alcohol or drugs before they graduate
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Opioid Epidemic in America
How Can the U.S. End Its Opioid Epidemic?
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 72,000 people died of drug overdoses in 2017; a very
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The Prescription Pills Most Commonly Abused by Teens
Drug use, including teen drug use, not only involves street drugs but also prescription pill abuse. Teens often find it
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Should Students be Drug Tested at School?
The question of whether students should be drug tested at schools is a complicated one, which is likely to elicit
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5 Ways Minnesota is Tackling the Opioid Crisis
5 Ways Minnesota is Tackling the Opioid Crisis
Almost everyone is aware to some extent by now that there is an opioid emergency in America, with Minnesota being
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What are the Physical and Psychological Signs of Alcohol
Alcohol is one of the drugs most abused by teens, as well as by adults. The widespread availability of alcohol
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Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse
Drug abuse among teens including alcohol abuse is common, and you should not automatically assume it can never happen in
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