Minnesota Addiction Hot[Dish]

The Minnesota Addiction Hot[Dish] is an informational blog meant to provide teens and families with information on addiction, recovery & current drug trends. Why name our blog the “Hot[Dish]”?  See here.

We hope our blog provides possible solutions to problems that teenagers and families face when dealing with addiction. Any supporting information or comments are welcome.

What are the Physical and Psychological Signs of Alcohol
Alcohol is one of the drugs most abused by teens, as well as by adults. The widespread availability of alcohol
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Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse
Drug abuse among teens including alcohol abuse is common, and you should not automatically assume it can never happen in
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5 Reasons Why Teens Try Alcohol and Drugs
Teen drug and alcohol addiction can happen in any family, as many reasons can cause your teen to make a
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Minnesota Parents: Should You Drug Test Your Kid?
Perhaps you have wondered whether you should give your teen a drug test because of their behavior, or something you
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Understanding Methadone Addiction in Your Teen
While you may be familiar with other teen drug problems, you might be less clear on what exactly teen methadone
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Blog Content: Double Length: Minnesota Parents: Intervention Options When You Have A Teen Abusing
Minnesota Parents: Intervention Options When You Have A Teen Abusing Drugs
An intervention is a potentially pivotal point in dealing with the problem of teen drug abuse. When successful, it is
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Expired Medication Disposal_Anthony Louis Center
Why & How You Should Lock Up or Properly Dispose Expired Medicine
Unused or expired medications are dangerous both for very young children who may take them thinking they are candy or
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What to Do if Your Teen has a Drug Addiction_Anthony Louis Center
Minnesota Parents: My Teen Is Using Drugs – Now What?
Drug abuse can be life-threatening, especially if it progresses to hard drugs like heroin and opioid use, and can be
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Minnesota Parents: Announcing National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week
You may have heard about National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® through a friend or family member, or perhaps seen
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Teen Holiday Parties: A Parent's Guide
Teen Holiday Parties: A Parent’s Guide
The period from Halloween to the New Year is peak party time. As adults, you are probably invited to several
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