Minnesota Addiction Hot[Dish]

The Minnesota Addiction Hot[Dish] is an informational blog meant to provide teens and families with information on addiction, recovery & current drug trends. Why name our blog the “Hot[Dish]”?  See here.

We hope our blog provides possible solutions to problems that teenagers and families face when dealing with addiction. Any supporting information or comments are welcome.

Teen Holiday Parties: A Parent's Guide
Teen Holiday Parties: A Parent’s Guide
The period from Halloween to the New Year is peak party time. As adults, you are probably invited to several
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new street drugs
10 New Most Common Drugs
Each year, a handful of new drugs make their way onto the streets and into the hands of curious teenagers. The
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children of alcoholics
How To Help Children Of Alcoholics Understand Addiction
Addiction is difficult to understand for people of any age. It is even more difficult for young children of alcoholics
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history of opiates
Painkillers in America: A Brief History
The history of painkillers in America spans well before America was even born. The pain-relieving properties of certain plants were
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detox for teenagers
Understanding Detox and Withdrawal in Teens
While nearly 1.5 million teens in the U.S. struggle with drug dependency, it is thought that only a small fraction
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teen prescription drug abuse
Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs by Teens
The drug most commonly abused by teens is not a what, but a where – where it is found: right
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teenage drug abuse prevention
Habits That Can Lead To Addiction
We all have things that make us feel good. It’s fine to participate in those activities, but when those habits
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creative teen boy with camera
How Being Creative Can Reduce Drug Relapse
During the initial phase of recovery from substance abuse, it’s common to feel like a person’s creativity is lessened because
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bullying and substance abuse in teens
How Cyberbullying Can Lead to Teen Drug Abuse
  Bullying and substance abuse are often connected because emotional issues are at the root of most teen substance abuse. The
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Continuing Your Child’s Recovery after Outpatient Treatment
At the Anthony Louis Center, we know that recovery is a long road that is filled with temptations at every turn.
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