Minnesota Addiction Hot[Dish]

The Minnesota Addiction Hot[Dish] is an informational blog meant to provide teens and families with information on addiction, recovery & current drug trends. Why name our blog the “Hot[Dish]”?  See here.

We hope our blog provides possible solutions to problems that teenagers and families face when dealing with addiction. Any supporting information or comments are welcome.

Signs Of Addiction In Teens
Signs Of Addiction In Teens: Is It Time To Get Help?
As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to make sure your children remain happy and healthy.
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Parental Influence On Child Development
At Anthony Louis Center, we know parenting is a tough job. Our parental influence on child development is deep and
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How to Recognize Destructive Behaviors in Your Child’s Friends
Are you worried that peer pressure could lead your child down a bad path? Potentially problematic friends can be easily
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Is Your Teen Self-Medicating???
I have noticed that the concept of “self-medicating” is becoming a popular way to view substance use and addiction. The
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Help Your Teen Stay Sober During The Holidays
Fair Warning: this is a long but good & useful one- there are resources and an entire planning form at
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My Teen’s A Digital Native, And I’m Not!
How can I keep tabs on my teen in a digital world? Fear no more- I have some helpful information! Recently,
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back-to-school and teen addiction
Falling Down: Teen Addiction Can Start During Back To School
Fall is the best time of year, (aside from summer), in my opinion. Leaves change colors and the air is
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National Recovery Month | A Teen Addiction Recovery Center in Minnesota
Whats With The Dish?
So, starting where I should have…. the blog name. Whats up with that? Why name it “hot dish?” Well for
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This is Your Teens Brain on Drugs
Partnership of Drug Free America, in 1987 coined that phrase and threw an egg in a pan, cooked it up
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Parenting a Teen with Substance Use: Am I crazy?
Parenting an adolescent with an addiction or substance use problem can evoke fear, anger and hopelessness. Sometimes people begin to
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