At Anthony Louis Center, we know parenting is a tough job. Our parental influence on child development is deep and long lasting. This includes how children think about drug use. Research shows that when parents directly tell their children they don’t want them to do drugs, the kids are less likely to do drugs.

With drug distribution channels across the country and drug use prevalent on TV, in movies, in music and even on the playground, how can parents keep their kids drug-free?

How You Can Help

The teen years are the most likely time for kids to start experimenting with drugs, but there are many things you can do to help your children steer clear of drugs and make good choices:

  1. Talk It Out: Talk to your kids about drugs. Explain to them just how drugs can hurt their own health as well as their relationships with their friends and family. Make sure you expressly tell them you don’t want them to take drugs. Having a conversation is the first place to start. Let them know they can talk to you.
  2.  Spend Quality Time Together: Families who stick together, who are a part of each other’s lives, build stronger mental health. Show your kids you are there for them and let them know you care.
  3. Keep Track Of Your Kids: Always know where your kids are and what they are doing (and who they’re with). When you know where your kids are, it protects them.
  4.  Set Rules And Enforce Them: When you set the rules, make sure you enforce them. Kids need to be able to count on you to be consistent. Let them learn what can get them in trouble and what can keep them safe.
  5.  Set The Example: Practice what you preach. Your kids look up to you. Set the example of how to deal with stress and anger healthily, so they can learn how to deal with these things in a healthy way, too.
  6. Teach Your Kids How To Say “No”: Practice saying no to drugs. Show your kids how to refuse drugs. A little role-playing can go a long way toward training them to act if someone offers them drugs.

Adolescent Drug Treatment

If you find your child does need adolescent care, contact the Anthony Louis Center. Our dedicated health professionals and concerned staff will help your child with any substance abuse problem.

Our center was opened specifically to help address the adolescent drug problem. Established in 1976, we specifically treat adolescents ages 13-18. We believe substance abuse is a treatable condition and we know it is one which affects emotional stability and family stability.

We focus on the importance of family and community as a way to bring about successful change. Our program offers group therapy, family group therapy, and individual counseling as well as home plans for when your child completes the program and returns to your residence.