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At the Anthony Louis Center we welcome mental health professionals who are passionate about helping teens overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. We feel that helping young people overcome substance abuse problems is one of the most important things a person can do in helping troubled youth find a better future. If you are interested in substance abuse counselor jobs, and want to make a difference in people’s lives, keep reading to learn more about employment with us.

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Substance Abuse Counselor Jobs

substance abuse counselor jobs

At our drug treatment facilities, counselors serve a very important purpose. A counselor listens to the problems that a patient has to help them get to the root of what causes their addiction issues. Most addiction problems (especially with young people) have an underlying cause or outside event that triggers addictive behaviors. A crucial part of successful addiction treatment is identifying these underlying causes and how they affect any addictive habits.

Aside from identification of underlying issues, addictive habits have to be responded to in the form of corrective behaviors such as 12-step programs and coping strategies. As no two people are alike, each treatment program is monitored and carefully reviewed for effectiveness and to treat the individual patient’s needs.

A counselor also does more than just deal with addictions. They also help guide a young person through understanding their addiction, how to work through it, and how to approach treatment. We especially like to focus on the importance that family plays in recovery as addiction has profound effects on families and families play a key role in helping and supporting recovery.

Another area of treatment is the outpatient component. This involves helping with gainful employment, continued support, the setting of goals, assistance with legal matters if needed, group therapy sessions, and providing general guidance.

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Employment in addiction counseling is highly-detailed and multifaceted work that requires not only a wide range of skills and teamwork, but also provides the opportunity to help young people when they need it most.

At the Anthony Louis Center, we offer a variety of employment opportunities concerning dependency treatment, inpatient and outpatient counseling, and continuing outpatient counseling.

With more than 30 years of experiences in helping teenagers overcome their addictions, we are dedicated to helping families heal and serving the local community. Our current openings, their responsibilities, and qualifications are listed below. Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.