Forms & Admission Info For Checking Into Rehab

The following is information needed for admission into any of our programs. Please take the time to look through the information on these pages.

The following forms are helpful in preparing for admission, these include:

Participation in our programs for teen drug addiction treatment requires supplying certain information, both so that we can provide your teen the best help and for the safety and well-being of all the teens in our care. Residential programs for drug and alcohol inpatient treatment also require that a physical exam by a qualified medical professional be performed. The better you fill these forms out, the more prepared we will be to provide your teen with the best possible care.

Physical Exam Form

A comprehensive medical exam by a qualified doctor is required before your teen can be admitted for teen drug & alcohol rehab. This exam is to determine your teen’s overall health, and we also require that it shows your teen is free of communicable diseases at the time of admission for the protection of all patients in our care. You can present this form to your doctor to use directly or as a guide if they have their own reporting structure.

Family Assessment Form

Though the medical exam from a medical professional is important, they do not know your teen like you do, which is why we ask that you fill out the family assessment form. In this, you are asked a wide variety of behavioral and observational questions. All of these concern behaviors that can appear when a teen is struggling with addiction, though they may deny that they have a problem. Some of the listed behaviors are probably why you considered teen drug addiction treatment in the first place, though do not worry if some behaviors don’t apply. Every case is different, and not all teens will exhibit all of them. The family history and environment is also important to understanding the challenges your teen is facing.

Packing & Admit Information Form

This contains all the information you need to have ready before admittance. Be sure to study this carefully and ensure that you have complied with all these requirements for admittance. It describes all the documentation you will need to have, and a list of what to pack including recommended clothing, and also a list of what is prohibited, which includes cell phones and pagers.

Once you have decided upon rehab as the best choice for addressing your teen’s alcohol or drug addiction issue, it’s important you take time to carefully complete these forms and all the steps described within them. This is going to be a stressful time for both you and your teen, but the best thing you can do is tell yourself you are moving forward and do so in a clear-headed and thorough manner.

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