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Review articles about adolescent health and understand before and after treatment options for teens coping with drug and alcohol abuse in 2019.

How Does Vaping Affect Teenage Health?

In early 2019, the National Institutes of Health reported a dramatic rise in e-cigarette use among teens. In a survey of 44,000 eighth, ninth, and 12th graders conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 37% of high school seniors stated they had used a vape at least once in 2018 compared with just […]

What are the Physical and Psychological Signs of Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the drugs most abused by teens, as well as by adults. The widespread availability of alcohol means a teen who wishes to try it will not have difficulty obtaining it. Though experimenting with drinking a beer occasionally may not lead to any harm, there are signs to watch out for […]

How To Help Children Of Alcoholics Understand Addiction

Addiction is difficult to understand for people of any age. It is even more difficult for young children of alcoholics who can’t grasp why their parent or sibling is acting differently. Since addiction can cause a huge range of emotional and physical symptoms, children often end up in the middle of issues beyond their […]

Painkillers in America: A Brief History

The history of painkillers in America spans well before America was even born. The pain-relieving properties of certain plants were well known among the earliest inhabitants. Over time these plants were used to create popular opioid drugs for the treatment of many different conditions. Unfortunately, in the early 1900s little was known about the addictive properties of these substances and how long-term use could affect people negatively. Today, there is an ongoing battle between those who need the drugs for pain management and those who abuse the substances.
Painkillers In The 1900s-1920s
During the first 20 years of the 20th century, opioid use was all the rage. Doctors handed out prescriptions far and wide for everything from minor coughs to serious injuries. The flow of opioid derivatives and coca was fast and free from much of Asia up until 1914, when taxes were first introduced on the drugs. Nevertheless, these drugs remained prevalent until the early 1920s when doctors began to see signs of their addictive nature.
Painkillers In The 1920s-1960s
In 1924, heroin was outlawed in an attempt to stop the damage being caused by rampant addiction. Nevertheless, during and after World War II many soldiers sought treatment for injuries and chronic pain. In an effort to streamline treatment of thousands of soldiers, doctors used pain management clinics to hand out drugs to anyone who came in looking for help.
Painkillers In The 1960s-2000s
Between the 1960s and the new millennium, the United States government enacted numerous restrictions on prescription painkillers, classifying them according to their effects. Drug task forces were formed to catch those who were bringing in opioids from overseas, and crackdowns on doctors happened where there was evidence of illegal prescriptions being written.
Painkillers In The Present Day
In the last decade, the number of drug-related deaths has increased drastically. The dark history of opiates has come into the light and more people are aware of the damage that these drugs can cause those who become addicted. Today, addiction to prescription drugs outweighs nearly all other addictions in the U.S., and many of those addicted never receive treatment.

Interestingly, prescription drugs have become so widely available that people often opt for prescription drugs over “street drugs” like heroin because they are perceived to be safer.
Anthony Louis Center
The history of painkillers has led to an overwhelming problem for much of America. If you or a loved one is struggling with prescription painkillers, the team at Anthony Louis Center can help, starting with a one-on-one consultation.


Understanding Detox and Withdrawal in Teens

While nearly 1.5 million teens in the U.S. struggle with drug dependency, it is thought that only a small fraction of them receive proper treatment and care.

Placing your child in a detox or treatment center is often one of the most difficult challenges a parent can face. Since teen drug abuse takes both a physical […]

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    Continuing Your Child’s Recovery after Outpatient Treatment

Continuing Your Child’s Recovery after Outpatient Treatment

At the Anthony Louis Center, we know that recovery is a long road that is filled with temptations at every turn. When your child leaves rehab, it does not mean that they are “cured” or that they are “healed.”

When a patient leaves our facilities, it means that they have been taught the tools and techniques […]

How to Recognize Destructive Behaviors in Your Child’s Friends

Are you worried that peer pressure could lead your child down a bad path? Potentially problematic friends can be easily identified when you know what to look for. If you notice these destructive behaviors in your child’s friends, fast action may be required to keep your child or teen from getting further involved with […]

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    Falling Down: Teen Addiction Can Start During Back To School

Falling Down: Teen Addiction Can Start During Back To School

Fall is the best time of year, (aside from summer), in my opinion. Leaves change colors and the air is a little chillier. Pumpkin carving, Halloween, jumping in piles of leaves, bonfires and apple orchards are all part of the fun! But this is also a concerning time of year for teens. Everyone gets […]

Whats With The Dish?

So, starting where I should have…. the blog name. What’s up with that? Why name it “hot dish?” Well for those of you who know MN, we LOVE hot dish. In my family, we called it casserole, but the rest of my co-workers demanded that it be called hot dish because that is what […]