Alcohol is one of the drugs most abused by teens, as well as by adults. The widespread availability of alcohol means a teen who wishes to try it will not have difficulty obtaining it. Though experimenting with drinking a beer occasionally may not lead to any harm, there are signs to watch out for that indicate your teen may be developing a seriousĀ alcohol addiction, and may even need help from a teen drug and alcohol rehab center.

Physical signs

The hallmarks of being intoxicated are well known. Signs of drunkenness may be present at unexpected times if they are drinking in the morning or at school to get through the day. Alcohol may be hidden in seemingly innocuous beverages, with vodka a popular choice as it is harder to detect.. Signs that someone is drinking to excess include the aftereffects, such as hangovers and bloodshot eyes. Signs of full physical dependence on alcohol include the appearance of delirium tremens (DTs) on withdrawal, which is the reaction of the body when it does not get alcohol. Physical manifestations include confusion, involuntary shaking, and even fever. This indicates an advanced problem that could require involving an alcohol inpatient treatment center.

Physiological signs

Physiological signs include those common to all drug cravings such as increased irritability when not intoxicated, an obsession with getting access to the drug or alcohol, and disengagement from academic activities and friends who do not share their habit. After an extreme bout of drinking, a detached physiological state can exist even after the drunkenness has subsided. This can be further exacerbated if there was a blackout period. Your teen may not be able to answer basic questions, such as how they got home, not out of evasiveness but because they don’t know. Blacking out is tied to blood alcohol levels rising very quickly more than the total amount of alcohol consumed overall, and drinking games or doing multiple shots can lead to this. If things have already progressed too far, alcohol inpatient treatment centers may be the best way forward.

How serious is alcohol abuse?

if-your-teen-is-showing-signs-of-uncontrolled-drinking-this-is-not-a-trivial-problem-mixing-alcohol-and-driving-can-have-fatal-consequences-for-your-teen-and-othersIf your teen is showing signs of uncontrolled drinking, this is not a trivial problem. Mixing alcohol and driving can have fatal consequences, for your teen and others. Developing a problem drinking habit in the teenage years that persists into adulthood can have terrible consequences. It is a mistake to dismiss its potential for harm simply because it is not generally illicit like other drugs that teens experiment with.

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