While nearly 1.5 million teens in the U.S. struggle with drug dependency, it is thought that only a small fraction of them receive proper treatment and care.

Placing your child in a detox or treatment center is often one of the most difficult challenges a parent can face. Since teen drug abuse takes both a physical and psychological toll on all of the people involved, the process is often fraught with anger and stress. Nevertheless, treatment is necessary and a detox for teenagers specifically will help your son or daughter get the treatment that they need catered to their needs.

Starting Detox Treatment

The biggest step you need to take is simply getting started on a detox program. Many parents seek to trap their teens into detox without giving them proper warning in advance. This strategy often produces negative results as the teen sees themselves as a victim and is unable to trust their parents afterwards.

Instead, healthy detox begins with a conversation about the situation and a statement of intentions to seek treatment. This is important for teens who will be missing school and may have to answer to their friends for their sudden disappearance or change of attitude.

The Early Stages

Symptoms of withdrawal in teens vary widely depending on the type of drugs being used and their frequency. A proper treatment program will include not just medical care to ease the teen’s suffering through this process, but will also offer plenty of opportunities for counseling and therapy throughout.

Treating the withdrawal symptoms alone is not enough to achieve long term sobriety. It is important that counselors are able to get to the root of the drug abuse and encourage your teen that a sober future is the path they want to be on.

Returning Home After Detox Treatment

Even after your teen has successfully completed detox with the help of trained staff, the largest hurdles remain when they return home. The group of friends that they used drugs with previously almost certainly will be a burden on their continued sobriety. In addition, if they fell behind in school they may be forced to play catch up, which leads to additional stress. Counseling is a major part of ensuring that this stressful period does not result in renewed drug abuse.

Anthony Louis Center

When dealing with drug abuse, families are often unsure of where to begin. The professionals at the Anthony Louis Center in Minneapolis, MN, are here to help you navigate the waters of helping your teen recover safely and successfully.