Anthony Louis Center & On-Belay House

Adolescent Chemical Dependency Treatment

It is the mission of Anthony Louis Center / On-Belay of MN Inc to help our young people develop the skills to cope with the stresses of adolescence and the motivation to change.

Program Overview

Our program serves adolescents ages 13-18 who struggle with substance abuse. Our program believes that adolescent substance abuse disorders are a treatable condition and one that affects emotional and social functioning, including the family system. Our program focuses on the importance of family and community as a conduit for successful change. That’s why our program offers case management, group therapy, individual counseling, family group, and home plans for when a client completes the program.

Some of the main issues that young people who are in our program struggle with are:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Poor School Performance
  • Behavioral Problems in the Community or at School
  • Involvement in Criminal/Court Systems
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Family Problems
  • Co-existing Mental Health Diagnoses

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It is our passion to help others!

If you wish to contact us or to apply for admission visit our contact page. We accept referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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About The Corporation

Anthony Louis Center was established in 1982 by its Board of Directors, On-Belay of Minnesota, Inc. a group of health professionals and concerned persons dedicated to the care and treatment of adolescents with alcohol and drug abuse problems. The program was opened in response to the need in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul to address the adolescent drug problem. ‘On-Belay’ is a term from the sport of mountain climbing used to mean ‘securely supported’. In addition to its governance responsibilities, On-Belay of Minnesota, Inc. is the Management Company for Anthony Louis Center. On-Belay Minnesota, Inc. was established in 1976.