Adolescent Chemical Dependency Treatment

adolescent chemical dependency treatment

Our Philosophy and Mission

Anthony Louis Center believes adolescent chemical dependency and abuse is a problem that affects adolescents emotionally, socially, and developmentally and as one that distresses each family member. The program believes that harmful involvement with mood altering chemicals and/or chemical dependency is a treatable condition with a predictable progression and identifiable symptoms. It is the mission of Anthony Louis Center to help clients develop the skills and desire to cope with the stresses of adolescence in a responsible, chemically free manner.

The program provides a family-based approach to care, making use of a multi-disciplinary staff and the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) philosophy. The treatment services are directed toward the adolescent’s behavior: emotional, social and spiritual. Program components include an evaluation service, primary treatment and continuing care. Although the adolescent is the primary client, family needs are addressed in each component. Families are provided services to help their own understanding of chemical dependency and how it has affected their family and to improve the potential of a positive recovery for their child.

About the Corporation

Anthony Louis Center was established in 1982 by it’s Board of Directors, On-Belay of Minnesota, Inc. a group of health professionals and concerned persons dedicated to the care and treatment of adolescents with alcohol and drug abuse problems. The program was opened in response to the need in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul to address the adolescent drug problem. ‘On-Belay’ is a term from the sport of mountain climbing used to mean ‘securely supported’. In addition to it’s governance responsibilities, On-Belay of Minnesota, Inc. is the Management Company for Anthony Louis Center. On-Belay Minnesota, Inc. was established in 1976.
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Program Overview

Our program provides services to adolescents, between the ages of 12 and 18. Eighteen-year-olds may be admitted if they are developmentally appropriate, do not have any legal charges pending as an adult, have not been married, and have not been out of the home for more than six months.

Clients continue to be poly-drug users, with alcohol and marijuana the drugs of choice. Clients typically have one or more problems, which resulted from their drug use or were pre-existing and complicated by the use.

These problems can include:

  • Poor school performance and/or attendance
  • Poor interpersonal or social relationships with parents, siblings and peers
  • Behavior problems and home, in the community or at school
  • Contacts with the juvenile courts or police
  • Reports of verbal or physically aggressive behavior, oppositional behavior beyond what is normally expected from an adolescent
  • Learning disabilities
  • Dysfunctional family system
  • Chronic medical condition which has not been well managed
  • Co-existing mental health issues