Rehab Facilities For Teens

Our Approach

It is the mission of Anthony Louis Center / On-Belay of Minnesota, Inc. to help their clients and their families develop the skills and desire to cope with the stresses of being a teenager in a responsible, chemical-free manner. At our rehab facilities, we provide a safe, supportive, substance-free environment for teens where they and their families can learn about substance abuse and understand the impact it has on all members of the family. We help clients and their families begin to practice new forms of communication, new behaviors and reestablish relationships with each other in a supportive environment.

Develop Skills

Anthony Louis Center / On-Belay of Minnesota is committed to providing quality care to our clients and their families. We continue to review and improve our services through our Quality Improvement process. Since adolescents need to continue their education during this process we provide clients with education through an Independent School District and keep in touch with their home school. Our programs allow clients to experience a variety of chemical-free activities during their stay in order to develop positive leisure-time skills that are essential to their recovery. Last, our programs provide individual, group and family counseling so our clients can translate the skills they learn into their community and family relationships.

Hope For Your Teen

Anthony Louis Center is ready to help your teen overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and learn the skills that will be a foundation for a successful life as they move into adulthood. Call us to see how we can help.

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