Drug screening is an important part of the process for those struggling to deal with drug and alcohol dependence. Drug screening can be used as part of out-patient treatment at a teen drug and alcohol addiction center, or following an in-patient program when the risk of relapse is high.

Benefits of walk-in drug screening

Walk-In Drug ScreensA walk-in drug screening can be conducted anytime, and gives you the confidence that your teen is staying on the right path. Screening helps provide structure to a plan for recovery from drug or alcohol problems. If your teen is having difficulty accepting the fact that they have a problem with alcohol or other drugs, experiencing a walk-in drug screening can help bring the reality home. If you call their bluff and they are unusually resistant to the idea, it could be because they know they will probably not pass as they are currently using drugs or alcohol on a regular basis.

What drug screening tests for

Though you may dislike the idea of not trusting your teen, people in the grip of a drug addiction may not be in full control of themselves, and may be driven to use drugs despite not wanting to. Drugs that can be tested for include alcohol, marijuana, and opiates. Note that the body clears different drugs at different rates so a drug screening can only detect use over a limited time window. Screening tests provide a challenge and incentive to stay sober, especially for those who have been through teen drug & alcohol rehab.

How the drug screen is admitted

A walk-in drug screening at a teen drug addiction treatment center need not involve anything like needles that might cause anxiety. All that is needed for a simple drug screening for alcohol and a variety of commonly abused drugs is a urine sample to be provided on the premises. If your teen objects that this is the worst thing ever, you can remind them that drug screenings are commonly required of many adults who may never use drugs by prospective employers and government agencies. By having a testing process conducted by someone outside the home, this gives more context to their problem and makes it bigger than just another toxic argument between you and your teen.

If you have a teen who has a problem with alcohol or other drugs, contact Anthony Louis Center today to learn about the resources available including alcohol and drug inpatient treatment centers and walk-in drug tests.